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Books that Immerse your kids In their second home!

Travel with Aliyah & Grandpa Nevis on a captivating journey through the vibrant Caribbean market."Experience culture, learning, and the joy of family, all in one engaging adventure.

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Embark on a journey with Aliyah & Grandpa Nevis to discover:


Interactive Experience:

Enhance learning with our accompanying YouTube videos, providing an immersive adventure your child can follow independently.


Family Bonding 

Experience a heartwarming story that emphasizes the bond between generations.

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Cultural Connection & Representation

Dive into authentic African and Caribbean cultures through an engaging, child-friendly narrative.


Holistic Learning:

Follow along as Aliyah learns about numbers, words, and the joy of shopping and cooking with family, all wrapped in a captivating story.


Try Before you Buy!

Aliyah & Grandpa Nevis was an animated show first. Check it out in the video on the right before you buy!

Chantelle. S

Another book that can connect my children to their other home 

Other Parents Say

"Aliyah and Grandpa Nevis at the Market" was so much fun to read to my children. The creative writing made this book educational but fun! We enjoyed the beautiful colors throughout the book. This is a GREAT BOOK to add to Your Child's Home Library!

Keith Anthony

Family loved your book, keep up the great work. Let us know when you publish more content!

Lets Go!

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