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Our Activities 

We are in the early stages of our journey but we are clear on the problems we want to solve. Right now we are testing, trying, and discovering the best ways to tackle the below areas: 

  • Inspire, Discover, Support. How do we increase the number of people who are engaged in creating children's content who are from Africa, The Caribbean islands, and the Diaspora and how can they live off their work? 

  • Create & Curate. How can we use today's tools to rapidly generate high-quality localized content for kids and how can we present the best shows that have been created by other talented individuals and organisations? 

  • Distribute. How do we find models of distribution that are able to reach as many children as possible whilst enabling the creators involved to generate revenue from their work? 




There is nothing better than creating with others:  sharing experiences, brainstorming, coming up with concepts and building show pilots. This studio environment is what we are trying to build.

This is why we have designed our creation workshop that is delivered both in person and virtually. Designed to take personal experiences and cultural elements to quickly develop children's show concepts and pilots.

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We are currently focus on in-house content generation across multiple formats: audio, video, animation, live action. 

Our productions fall within these categories: Narrative driven, Education driven, Music and Game. 

We are also constantly experimenting with new and innovative ways of creating high quality content more rapidly. 

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All children have access to localised media featuring characters and stories of black origin. 

A thriving children’s media industry
for stories of black origin. 


We are constantly experimenting with different methods, models and partners to distribute through. Our focus is on looking for methods that maximise the liklihood of revenue generation for our creatives. 

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