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About Us

We are a social enterprise that is putting all our energy into creating media for young children inspired by the culture and lived experiences that we were exposed to. We want to help build the ecosystem and distribute as far and wide as possible. 

Its simple for us - we want to create fictional content for the world to see the amazing aspects of African and Afro - Diasporan cultures that have developed and exist all over the world. We want to build this world with others and we want the creators who participate to be able to live from their work 


The unfortunate but the popular negative narrative that exists about those of African descent has the most impact on children. They have grown up with a skewed perspective and it is our mission to change that.



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To rapidly build up the amount and diversity of content that reflects African and Afro-Diasporan communities.

All children have access to localised media featuring characters and stories originating from African  and Afro-Diasporan communities. 

A thriving children’s media industry
in Africa as a hub of worldwide Afro-Kids content .

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