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Our Name, Philosophy & Our values

We gathered together primarily because we are fun people who care about creating content that we believe in and showing it to the rest of the world. This is why we chose a game we all knew and loved “Oware” to embody who we are and what we do.  


Oware is a type of mancala game, typically played with seeds - it came up during one of our brainstorming sessions and initially we dismissed it. However, when we looked at it closer - the name, the game, its impact and associations and its global universality perfectly summarised our core pillars. Fun, learning, community bonding, ownership and the sowing of seeds all play a part in how we want to move forward and what we want to achieve. 

Endless fun & Learning - If you join our team meetings you will very quickly realise that fun and jokes are a must. We want to work, we want to make an impact but if it is not with a light heart then we won’t be involved. 

Sowing the seeds - If we do not see the future we cannot build it. Therefore we believe in a media first approach to community and international development. We believe that by imbedding positive representations of communities in our productions, we can really change things in the future.

Bonding and community - In order to succeed we have to build together, it is only through collective creation with people across the globe that we can build a strong bond between creators, parents and children

Ownership and freedomAll creators should maintain their ownership according to their contribution. Time and time again we see examples of unfair work practices and legal structures that block creators out of the proceeds of their work. Everything that we do is against this. 

Click here to read about our commitment to sustainable impact

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