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Shows of Afro origin for all children to enjoy

We are a social enterprise making sure that all kids have access to educational, and fun content originating from African, Caribbean and Afro-diaspora communities for all children between 18m - 7 years to enjoy.

Why Us

"Children need to have the opportunity to be exposed to, celebrate and enjoy the richness and diversity of African, Caribbean and Afro-Diasporan communities through media that is made for them"

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But Why ?

A foundation of cultural awareness

Children grow up with a bias towards certain cultures and stereotypes. Studies show that experiences within the first 7 years of life are key to establishing a healthy self image and image of others.

Localised content.

Better educational outcomes.

Many children are being taught in a language that is not native to them. With references that are outside of their lived experience. We want to change this. 

Growing the creative economy in our communities

African artists and creatives are severely underrepresented in international media. There are very few clear funding routes for independent talent in Africa or the Afro-Diasporans for children's media.

How It Works

Discover   Inspire Support

Inspiring creatives of African & Caribbean heritage to see the value in producing content for children,funding projects and connecting people.

Create & Curate

Creating & searching for content that reflects the diverse african & caribbean communities around the world in a fun and educational way. 


Find innovative mechanisms to sustainably distribute our content: books, audio or video, as far and wide as possible.


Our Friends


Our work

contact Us

If you want more information, you want to schedule a meeting or you want to partner with us please contact us below.

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